What’s the Difference Between Hiking and Trekking?

Hiking is a journey that takes a few hours or a day and you complete the hike by walking on hiking trails. Thousands of people go on a hike every month. You can do it alone or with friends but I will prefer you should go on a hike with your life Partner.

There are many adventurous spots where you can go for an amazing experience. You can be a witness to the beauty of mother nature. Let me list down some best places you can go In the United States.

Top Hiking spots in North America

  • Tongass National Forest – Alaska

If you Love Adventure then once in a lifetime you should go here. This Forest contains 700 miles of hiking tracks. You should get a guide if you have no hiking experience in America Because this is a wildlife area and you might see bears and other wild animals because there are many caves in the mountains near every trail.

  • Mount Whitney – California

I would prefer that you should go here with your friends because it’s a hike of more than a day and you will see amazing views of lakes, valleys and ice peaks along the way.

  • John Muir Trail

This is one of the most famous hiking trails in America and It is in California. You must add this place to your bucket list

  • Badlands National Park

There are many trails in Badlands National Park, for example, Notch Trail, Fossil Trail, Cliff’s Shef Trail, and Castle Trail, You can choose any trail to hike. You will see the astonishing scenic Beauty of Nature on every trail. Badlands is worldwide famous for their wilderness beauty.

  • Grand Teton

Grand Teton is located in Wyoming. You cannot make a list of America’s best hiking trails without adding this one. It’s so popular because of the jenny Lake Trail. It’s 8 Mile Long Trail. Which leads to the amazing view of the lake and Mountain.

  • Lake Tahoe

This one should be on your bucket list because it’s every hiker’s dream that can have every type of track in one hike. This is the Rubicon trail which is approximately 22 miles Long. The beauty of this trail is this will give you valleys to cross and several hills to climb along the way.

  • Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone needs no introduction I guess, but let me tell you it is one of the largest National Parks in the United States. Its area consists of 2.2 million acres. There are many trails here but I will tell you which you should choose for a hike and it is The North Rim Trail, which is 7.6 miles Long. You will be able to see Fire Hole River on this trail; which is an iconic view.

Now let’s talk about trekking!

What is Trekking?

Trekking is a big brother of hiking. A trek takes a lot more time than a hike. In trekking mostly there are no trails and pathways to follow. You have to pass choose your path according to the situation. You might need to cross mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, glaciers, deserts, and forests to reach your destinations.

There are some treks where you have trails or you can say campsites. For Example A trek to Mount Everest, It takes 40 days to reach the summit of Everest and there are 6 campsites along the way. These campsites are like trails.

Famous Treks in America:

There are 3 treks in North America and they are called Tripple Crown. These are the longest treks in the United states.

  • Appalachian Trek – 2200 Miles Long
  • Pacific Crest Trek – 2650 Miles Long
  • Continental Divide Trek – 3100 Miles Long

How to get prepared for a trek?

First, You should research the place you want to go for a trek. 

For Example:

  • Weather Condition
  • Route Information
  • Any Landslide on your Route
  • Gadgets you might need
  • Budget
  • Is it crowded?
  • Should you go alone or with friends?

What Gadgets do you need for a Trek?

  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Camping Tents
  • A lighter
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Extra Socks
  • Cutlery

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