Why You Need a Rope while Hiking?

A rope can be a useful tool to have while hiking for a variety of purposes, including: Lashing gear: A rope can be used to secure gear to a backpack or to tie items together. Building shelters: A rope can be used to construct a shelter … Read more

Joggers vs. Hiking Boots: Which is better for Hiking?

If you are going on hiking so you might need a lot of stuff like Backpacks, Waterbottle, flashlights, Sunglasses, a Camping Tent, etc. Along with these things you need good footwear. Which can help you while hiking and protect your feet as well. You might be … Read more

Rucksack vs. Backpack: Which is Better for Hiking?

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How to Choose the Best Quality Sunglasses for Hiking

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Can You Wear a Fanny Pack With a Backpack?

You can wear a fanny pack with a backpack. However, make sure that you’re comfortable with it. You can either clip it using a chest rig or tuck it in your backpack. You can also use the leg strap to carry your fanny pack around. If … Read more